10 Sindhi Food Which Every Sindhi Can’t Live Without

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As Sindhi’s Chetichand Festival is soon too come, we would like to share something really lipsmacking with all the Sindhis out there! Yes, sindhis are foodies and they are so passionate about their food. We’re sure that following sindhi dishes will bring water in your mouth:

10 Sindhi Food Which Every Sindhi Can’t Live Without

  1. Koki
    A well-known Sindhi morning meal aka breakfast, Koki is a flatbread made up of wheat flour, perfectly sliced red onion, natural chillies and cilantro results in. Koki is provided with curds and papad. On the other hand, koki is also cherished with garam chai or pickles. Possibilities are more that you’d have tried them already if you happen to had a Sindhi buddy in class or a co-worker at work.

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    2. Dal Pakwan
    Dal Pakwan is a luxurious morning meal in many Sindhi houses. The Dal is an easy planning of chana dal filled with spices or herbs garnished with cilantro results in and red onion while the Pakwan is a deep-fried smooth maida puri wherein the money is kneaded with jeera.

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    3. Dodoh
    High on nutrition and taste, Dodoh is a favourite breakfast during winters. Dodoh is a thick paratha which is not rolled but made with hands as the dough is semi-wet. The dough is a mixture of jowar, finely chopped onions, green chillies and coriander leaves. It tastes best when served piping hot along with curd. It could also be had along with mint green chutney and onions.

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    4. Kadhi Chawal
    Our signature dish, Kadhi Chawal is a delicious yet wholesome. This tangy brown coloured curry is a delightful mixture of besan, tomatoes, lady’s finger, cluster beans, drumsticks and tamarind pulp. Kadhichawal is usually served with steamed rice and Vaangan Bataloon (potato-brinjalsubji) or AaluTukku (crisp double fried potatoes seasoned with masalas) along with sweet boondi.

    5. Bhuga Chawal
    A special Sindhi rice delicacy, Bhuga Chawal usually had for lunch, is prepared by making a mixture of deep-fried onions and shredded tomatoes infused with spices. The rice is then cooked in this mixture. The aroma and taste of the rice is amazingly delicious. Bhuga Chawal tastes well when had with combinations of dals or subzi’s.

    6. Saibhaji (Sindhi style Spinach cooked with assorted vegetables and lentils)
    Sai Bhaaji is a traditional Sindhi dish prepared with greens, dal and vegetables. I prepare this often at home and it comes under my list of comfort food. It is wholesome and nutritious with the goodness of spinach, vegetables and lentils. It is very simple to make and is healthy and satisfying.

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     These crispy potato appetizers get a wonderfully tart flavor from amchur, or dried mango powder.

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8. Sindhi Chicken and Onions (Seyal Murgh)
Skinless chicken drumsticks are traditionally used in this creamy stewed dish, but cubed boneless thighs also work well.

Sindhi Chicken and Onions (Seyal Murgh)


  9. Bhee Patata
  Lotus stem and potato cooked in Sindhi pesto.
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10. Chaap Chola
    One of the most popular dishes that we got in Ulhasnagar was “Chola Chap” Or “Ragda Pattice” as it is most commonly called. It is a delicious fried Potato Pattice served with some tangy chick pea curry and various condiments. When you look at the entire dish it feels and looks complicated but it is one of the easiest dish you can make. And when I had some left over chick pea curry in my fridge and saw the rain drenching my porch that is what I had to make.

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We know this is really mouthwatering post for all you people reading this! Stay tuned we will be coming up with amazing food posts very soon.

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