EIC Vs Bollywood: Worst Heckler EVER!

During a recent show, Indian comedy group EIC met heckler which they will never forget. During a Recent show of EIC vs. Bollywood they were doing a set on Madhur Bhandarkar’s ultimate cinematic experience known as Calendar Girls and they faced a heckle. And then history happened, It is now my ‘heckler goals?!!?’

East India comedy or as generally referred as EIC is a comedy group which does all of it be it stand up comedy shows, YouTube videos, script writing.  Their multi talented group includes 7 of the funniest comedians of India viz. Sorabh Pant, Sahil Bulla, Atul Khatri, Azeem Banatwalla, Sapan Verma, Kunal Rao and Angad Singh Ranyal.



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